Important and Time Sensitive: Messiah "Preview" Singing at Playhouse Square

We have a unique opportunity for publicity unlike in any previous year.  Not only would the chorus benefit, the participants would also benefit, as they would receive free tickets to A Christmas Carol in the Ohio Theater.


Would you be interested in singing a pre-show concert this year on Thanksgiving weekend before A Christmas Carol in the Ohio Theater?  I've been in touch with some people with Great Lakes Theater down at Playhouse Square about a program they are offering area choirs for a second year.  Choirs come and sing in front of the stage for 30 minutes while people are coming into the theater for the show.  Religious repertoire and carols are welcomed.  The choir would receive free tickets to that evening's performance of A Christmas Carol and sit in a block of seats.  Family and friends could purchase tickets at half-price.  There is no limit on this.


I've currently reserved Opening Night, Saturday November 25, one week before this year's presentation.  We would need to arrive at 6:00 and sing 7:00-7:25.  They could handle about 60-70 singers.  In addition, we would be afforded the following benefits:

  • Poster inserts for our December 3rd presentation in that night's theater programs
  • Signaled in the lobby (that we would provide)
  • Mention on the Playhouse Square website, with a link to our Messiah website
  • Ability to tape one or more of our choruses and us putting it up online (we would manage)

Opening night is always a sellout (1,000+ in the theater).  It is often covered by media as well, so we might have an opportunity there as well.  In addition, this could give Janet at the News Herald something a little different to write about in her story this year perhaps.


Once we see the number of vocalists and the blend we would have, we would choose maybe 6-7 choruses to sing that evening. I can hold this date, November 25, for about a week.  Most other dates and times are already reserved by other choral groups.


Interested?  Then I'd ask that you please answer the questions in the following survey:


I'll need to hear from each of you by the end of next Sunday, August 27 so I can confirm with Playhouse Square.  We'll need a good 60 people (the theater doesn't have the space to accommodate the full choir, so we don't need everyone) and a nice mix of SATB voices for this to work, so please give this some thought and let the group know if you're interested and would like us to move forward. It could be a lot of fun and give us that little boost a week before we've been looking for.


Thanks very much for your consideration....



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