Rehearsal Info


All singers!

Watch this page for future schedules


Regular RehearsalsFirst Baptist Church of Painesville
                                     10801 Johnnycake Ridge Road, Painesville
                                     (just off Route 44)
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Concert Attire 

For the ladies:  Blouses should be black, long-sleeved, and any buttons must also be black. No scoop necks, no lace, no cutouts, just plain black with either a stand-up or man collar. Each lady will be provided with a red scarf that will be wrapped loosely around the neck and draped down the front. This will give the entire chorus a finished, uniform look. I was asked about wearing a full-length black dress.  I see no problem with that as long as it is plain black, meets the same sleeve and collar requirements as the blouses and has NO SLITS in the front or sides of the dress. Black slacks may also be worn in lieu of a skirt or dress.  Black shoes are required.

Men will be required to wear a black jacket, black slacks, a white shirt and a red tie, black shoes and socks.

I was also asked where to get black blouses. After some research, I found suitable black blouses at Walmart, Kohl's, and Woman Within (for those of us who might need something roomier)